ES Friday 10-11-13

levels I have
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just a VIEW FROM THE mp PERSPECTIVE....had more to say but 9:15 a.m and i want to try to get something on the short side
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i think they need to test least
short on 84..for 81.....will take small stabs against O/N POC if I have too
high risk when we open in single prints....
these are the levels i have, pretty much in line with bruce's...the blue lines were added after the o/n action (notice the 86.5 blue line which was onvpoc and o/n poc, so it did merit some attention)...the red ones all come from rth session

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trying again from 87.25...this is a probability trade..and those can be quite difficult to trade just on that alone....I know that there are still probabilities to run the O/N range and YD starting small on this second try...better to wait to see what happens above the highs of yesterday to be more aggressive on the short side
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es 12 13 10 min 10112013
so my probabilities say we will test 81 and be right almost 95% of the time ......sometime before days end....the problem is I don't know when that will happen....and what about the 5 % of the time it doesn't happen. either way I can't take longs today unless I see 80 - 81 zone
forum not letting me vote again...but the good vibes are sent to you guys posting !! getting more aggressive above O/N highs and will target the 87.25 first on any short sells...I like 89.75 and 92.75 but will not just average in
revising first target to 87.75 and will have get out in front of first failed entry point
u2 koolio..c ya