ES Thursday 10-24-13

Two videos today which point out all the basic levels from varying viewpoints........I think that 46 is going to be the critical spot ..I also have 42.50 - 43.50, 1740.50 and then below is 37.50 - 38.50..further above is 49.25 and 51.50
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critical for us to get this bounce up now or they will push down to the 38.50...the fact that they couldn't push back to the 46 key area is certainly not good for us longs in general on that push from the 42 - 43 we need this one to go up
if long, u can aim for 43-44, top of yest distribution...has to get above that 41.75-42 quickly though

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straight into yest's bell center so far
taking something off at 42.50..this is back to first zone and I just don't know...Ideal would be to try and hold to get new highs and that 46 target but these zones might reverse and become resistence
I really liked how they pushed the On low out into that zone....I'm trying to hold two runners for that new high and 41 will stop me out if wrong
i flattened mine (minus runners) at 43.5...runners aiming for 45.5 and 49 if tick picks up a bit (haven't done so yet though)
runners stopped...that second target for runners looked unrealistic but thruth is that 49-51 area that was tested overnight and failed could easily have been tested again if 45.5-46 was taken..we have a nvpoc there at 49 as well

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i flattened mine (minus runners) at 43.5...runners aiming for 45.5 and 49 if tick picks up a bit (haven't done so yet though)
gotta see then have that upper zone turn into support before trying longs unless we dip down into the 37 - 38 shorts for me because we are still above the bigger view VPOC and we are above the POC from yesterday...Value area is overlapping to higher so far today..I think our 46 will come but I was stopped at the need to find new longs
I'm buying thinking is that the last drop couldn't get back to the poc from yesterday and our zone......but the flaw in this is that we also didn't have enough strength to get to our 46 number earlier too
sorry....late post...hate that when in a trade and it is moving as I type......I like the win and the fact that it is moving in my intended direction but I don't like late my's hard to trade and post effectively the trade always has to come first
tricky day... can't get anything to stick very well....just pieces and missing ultimate targets...I remember borelino sayin that he use to enter and exit two tics away from his price points.....gheesh..perhaps he's back trading from home today !!
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nice kool..I'm wondering when 1.5 the IB is gonna print.....? nice confluence with other methods and yours..thanks for posting it
... you should see 49.25 print... then ...?..i exited my long at 1748.00 just to bee ahead of it