ES Thursday 10-24-13

Two videos today which point out all the basic levels from varying viewpoints........I think that 46 is going to be the critical spot ..I also have 42.50 - 43.50, 1740.50 and then below is 37.50 - 38.50..further above is 49.25 and 51.50
No video below? Try this link: thurs_vid1.swf

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in general it's best to avoid fades off the Ib highs and lows when we coil up in first hour...but I don't have any hard stats....we could just as easily hit that 46 and turn back down or run right through to next zone at really depends on more than just the coiling Daddy...we always need to put things in context...and sometimes conext is very difficult...sorry I can't help more on this
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any thoughts on when we have this tight of a range for first 1hr play.. only 5pts so far... when IB average has been around 8 and daily ranges have been around 14..... thinking we might get a range extention of around 9pts if it breaks out of this consolidation.
we have created a mini bell curve inside this upper zone....very cool..look at one minute and the back and forth process
I think most know on what print price I covered most of my longs....? at this point and so much ramble about it.....hopefully some are seeing the why of things but also realizing that this SH@T isn't easy !! you can get many conflicting messages
a quick laptop video...of some subtle way that zones reverse roles or BASE..this can happen on the upside or downside...with a little luck they will try to push for 47.50...that is 1/2 the IB added to the high...approximately and then that 49 number......sellers will try to push it back to the 42.50 -'s just the way the zones work and the constant battle between the buyers and sellers !
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Thanks Bruce for the video on S\R and zones... "Productions By Bruce" catchy title
flat on runners at 45.75...only a 7 point range or so and seems likely it wants to go up but this 46 seems to be a problem and no sense in holding
Bruce your videos are very helpful. I am trying to get a grasp on trading the bell curves which I believe to be a major asset to your trading thanks again
glad u enjoyed those sharks...trying to keep it simple for those who don't want to go overboard ( like I do ) with various profiles and volume composites etc.....I think the lines and areas mentioned is usually good enough...the rest of the stuff just helps build our confidence...

so I am encouraging anyone to experiment and just keep a 24hr profile which would include the night before and the day session that just finished and look at he volume VA high, low and VPOC....then do the same with a one minute time profile and keep track of the VAlue areas based on one minute time not 30 minutes and note obvious bell curves and POC's ....naturally we want to know the low volume spots too but we also need to confirm all with price action once we have the lines snapped
Great Rburns....the market is Only made up of pauses ( consolidations- the bulk of the bell curve ) and the trends which are the Low volume/ time spots...look at yesterdays beautiful just one example.....these happen on many different time frames too
so merge the overnight session...into Wed day session... and I have a 24hr market profile for the Thursday day session. correct?
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nice kool..I'm wondering when 1.5 the IB is gonna print.....? nice confluence with other methods and yours..thanks for posting it
... you should see 49.25 print... then ...?..i exited my long at 1748.00 just to bee ahead of it