ES Thursday 10-24-13

Two videos today which point out all the basic levels from varying viewpoints........I think that 46 is going to be the critical spot ..I also have 42.50 - 43.50, 1740.50 and then below is 37.50 - 38.50..further above is 49.25 and 51.50
No video below? Try this link: thurs_vid1.swf

No video below? Try this link: thursday_part_2.swf

my guess is that the Ib is gonna be run out from the lows...which most likely means it will be the highs ....!!! it just seems they are struggling to hold outside YD highs and can't get that damn 46 it seems like we should be looking short to go get the 37 - 38 area
they had to stop me first before tagging my first runner target....anyway, now that this 45-46 area has turned into resist. i won't be looking for long again in the middle of yest curve....jsut watned to mention why the 49 was my last target for runners; we rejected yest acceptance earlier today and the ideal thing would be to go find the next acceptance spot, in this case the nvpoc at 49...obviously there were many things in the middle like that 45-46 area (hence a place to take off runners) but 49 was the natural last target for this move this morning...

on the other hand, we can still breeak below yest acceptance at 40 and if that is rejected then the enxt area of acceptance below will come into play

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i flattened mine (minus runners) at 43.5...runners aiming for 45.5 and 49 if tick picks up a bit (haven't done so yet though)
just too many conflicts for me.....we are building value higher and we have a double top, we are rejecting the 40 POC multiple times.....but we also can't get outside YD higsh for long and that 46...gonna try one more long from 43 even....
I'm hoping my upper zone is trying to turn into support finally here...thought that was happening before too and it didn't ...lets see if they can hold it up now
part of my upper zone is the selling tail from yesterday....look to an MP chart or ask I'll get a pic up later......just for reference
right, i had that marked a little higher than yours at 43.5-44, but same concept....and now we have onvpoc at 45.5 just above and that 24hr mid around 46...24hr vwap also at if we break above all this the area is clear to get to that49ish i talked abt earlier....tick still not cooperating and internals neutral, so that pciture need to chg a bit

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part of my upper zone is the selling tail from yesterday....look to an MP chart or ask I'll get a pic up later......just for reference
any thoughts on when we have this tight of a range for first 1hr play.. only 5pts so far... when IB average has been around 8 and daily ranges have been around 14..... thinking we might get a range extention of around 9pts if it breaks out of this consolidation.
interesting that day session vpoc is 42.50 on my data...right in the zone...hoping that is good for my long...but probably just wishful thinking...either way I really want to see this pop up and make the new high before 11:30 a.m
that double top may be too obvious and they want us to suffer
in any case, hope it works out for ya bruce and anyone who might be on the long....i think it si pointing that way...i am gonna take adv of this chop and unpack ! good luck
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nice kool..I'm wondering when 1.5 the IB is gonna print.....? nice confluence with other methods and yours..thanks for posting it
... you should see 49.25 print... then ...?..i exited my long at 1748.00 just to bee ahead of it