ES Monday 11-4-13

Kicking off Monday's trading chat with a tip to a much easier way to add charts/images to a forum post. I've added some instructions as a reply to the Screen Capture Software topic and here's a video showing it in action. Using this you should be able to grab an image and get it on the forum in seconds.

remember the gap in the data from friday....59.50 !!!..all cleaned up now
trying for 58 now and then 55.50 ...obviously I need this selling tail to NOT turn into support
I had 58 as O/N midpoint too...." a failure to hold outside an O/N range targets it's midpoint ""....broken record I know...Dr. Brett !!
just got stopped at 59.25 ...flat....if they can hold the midrange now they will push for the 61.75 and the O/N high once more
and if it breaks down then we are on our way to 54 - 55.50.........seems like I may have got stopped out too soon but I'm not sure...the buyers may just be testing the area a few it's good to get out at an area you expect buyers to show up at
so if what I said is true about the pivot points and the lack of bigger traders then we will see either 54.25 , the pivot or the R2 at 68.50......this 58 - 59 will decide that....all the time is under the 59 so far... I may try to sell new lows and try for that 54.25 ...I'm not a very good breakout trader but it shows some potential if it order to try for the ultimate 68.50 I'd really want to see this what happens above 61.75 and the new high on the day...

break out trades are always the smallest campaigns I will do...they are so prone to being false and taking more heat
sure looks like the 58 - 59 is firming up....that should go well for those who are long trying for 61.75 , the O/N high and if real lucky 68.50...vallue is building higherthan friday IB run yet
that failure to reach the 61.75 is telling me that my plan to sell the Ib low might be a good pplan it it comes.......they will get a second pivot number and our job from here is it try to get that number with a trade....only one pivot number has printed so far in RTH today...I thought the second one might have been the 68.50 while we were driving up...but this roll over down has me now thinking it's gonna be towards the 54.25 now.....hopefully they won't just keep dragging back and forth through the 58 - 59 and we get a good down breakout from the IB low....
on the 57.50 as a breakout trader...targeting 54.75...this should be interesting
we really need to see this stay inside the 58 - 59 now in order to go get target down near 54.75...trying to get out in front of official pivot number and POC is down there too......breakout trades just suck IMHO !! as I type to myself.....

perhpas it's best if we just post the levels and keep it at that...not sure my extra chatter has any relevance...
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