ES Monday 11-4-13

Kicking off Monday's trading chat with a tip to a much easier way to add charts/images to a forum post. I've added some instructions as a reply to the Screen Capture Software topic and here's a video showing it in action. Using this you should be able to grab an image and get it on the forum in seconds.

concern for me is that he poc for today is right at the single print selling tail from Friday...In theory they are accepting the price there and not selling it off because price is too I realize this is a tuff trade...only positives is that volume is thin and we are above vpoc/poc and we have a ledge on 30 minute at 58 even...price is suppose to revert to VPOC on low volume pushes away.....that is of course until new volume comes in to ruin things for us.....we'lll see
I have 61.75 as R1 today....watching that and open print to limit loss instead of new highs if wrong up here
Trying out Evernofile:///C:/Documents and Settings/User1/Local Settings/Application Data/Skitch/Screenshot_110413_022522_PM.jpg
guess that didnt work
I'm assuming they know where our stops are and may do the blow through with volume to shake us all out...terrible time to be short - the 1/2 hour before bonds close
keep trying RB....can't click it or see it....
Bruce I get the image drag it in see it let go of the click and get this e:///C:/Documents and Settings/User1/Local Settings/Application Data/Skitch/Screenshot_110413_022522_PM.jpg
This stuff frustrates the crap out of me
took the loser at 61 even...they could just as easily push to 68.50 or go back down to clue
RB...u r gonna have to get help from DT....I haven't used that software yet
Originally posted by rburns

guess that didnt work

Hey rburns - did you drag that into the quick reply text box at the bottom of the forum?