ES Tuesday 11-5-13

levels I am watching.....that 58 - 59 is still the dividing line between the buyers who want last weeks highs and the sellers who want to get the lows
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

What makes today more diffucult is that the 5 day average daily range is 15 handles, and were one handle away from that
selling here at 1752.00
Exited Short attempt at 1760.00

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es 12 13 2 mind 1152013
Originally posted by koolblue

selling here at 1752.00

Excellent entry price !

market is into the 5 minute keltner with a fish divergence, which is usually a decent setup.... fingers crossed
on this short attempt, im using a tighter 2 point stop,as i dont want to see the 1764 high exceeded
Good luck on your shorts. Anyone else have a gap in data at 56.50 at 10:52?
joined you kool @ 61.25
just noticed the 62 level shows up no Nick's chart
i have a very short term target at 1758.75, (initial move from 1762.25 to 1760.50) equality, so i will probaby cover one or both at around 59.25 or so, if lucky... Pt... i had originally used the bare bones initial move from 1750.50 low to 1754.00 but using the full initial move gave me a 2.618 target at 1761.75..just got lucky on my entry
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es 12 13 10 min 1152013scott
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Ho Ho Ho Thanks DT

You're very welcome - how easy was that?