ES Tuesday 11-5-13

levels I am watching.....that 58 - 59 is still the dividing line between the buyers who want last weeks highs and the sellers who want to get the lows
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not much change from yest

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standard pivot numbers today


61 PIvot




so look for confluence
so 58 has VA low and O/N vpoc

53 has that 52.50 just below it

61 has a Va high nearby

my first zone on downsdie will be 52.50 - 54.....58 area WILL probably only be a magnet for me.....61 - 62.50 would be first sell zone
revising and will start to look under On low for longs...then use 58 as a target
if you are on at 54 area then use open print or a tic below first as a target...don't be a pig on core...we opened and sold off right at YD buying tail...
make it a rule that only runners are allowed to try for that 58 now......we have seen many buying tails reverese roles and turn into resistance when we get under to come out stroing on the open retest
good is my belief this decline from 1773.25 is a wave 4, and it should complete around 1745 or so. Next stop should be 1751.75, 1749.50 and 1745.00... if this comes to pass then we should run up,as usual, the end of the year to 1782,after which a massive decline could take place.
starting new long campaign at 52 to see if I can get 54.50 retest
average price in is 51.50...targeting 53 .25 first......this is at upper edge and center of Bell...see nicks chart or yesterdays vid
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