ES Tuesday 11-5-13

levels I am watching.....that 58 - 59 is still the dividing line between the buyers who want last weeks highs and the sellers who want to get the lows
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Ho Ho Ho Thanks DT
looks good rburns

what are those channel lines on your chart ?
gheesh..I f I were taking a late day trade I'd have to be buying into the 58 and that 57.25 and then target that 60.....but then in the back of my mind I'd be thinking about the gap old eagle eye BKAY spotted in the data down at 56.50
so 1760 is suppose to print in the last 15's no wonder I trade better in the morning....I get too conflicted as the day goes on...and hopefully somebody saw that 57.25 ugly point.....LOL
linear regression end channels in Sierra
50 bars 2.75 sd
ah yes Rburns...we have a visual sighting on ya !!! great to see ya !!
thanks rburns, i thought it looked like some kind of linear regression study
bkay/ eagle eye......they are torturing those trading for that gap in the data....only one tic away as I late day trade would have been a flop if I had taken the long.....I will be surprised now if we don't see 60 print in the O/N session as long as they can clean up that data gap
oh man...right on the close.....amazing stuff......and nice signal from you too PT !!
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Ho Ho Ho Thanks DT

You're very welcome - how easy was that?