ES Tuesday 11-5-13

levels I am watching.....that 58 - 59 is still the dividing line between the buyers who want last weeks highs and the sellers who want to get the lows
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

the reason im not looking for a big trade here is the moving avg trend up crossing on the 10 min chart i showed... first one since shortly after 1764 when it gave a longer term bias is still that the 1747 low is fragile.
volume building at the 61.25...I think they want to test back to 58 still and even get Bkays gap at 56.50...double inside bars on 30 minute to the bar that pushed to the high of the RTH we are time framing up has ended and we are not able to hold outside YD VA highs so far......the biggest concern is that this coil is happening ABOVE those single prints from the overnight and the poc of we have some conflicts which happen more as the day wears on

so if they do come out the highs then I would be real careful to wait until you see 65.50 print to think of any fade IMHO if they run to new RTH highs...otherwise we don't want to see this above 61.50 for any short or breakdown trade on the downside
thanks for the update Bruce, I took half off my short here at 59.25 , 58.25 next
wow...freakin took forever but im out ahead of the targets 1758.75 and 1757.75(at least)..yippeeee
great work kool !
thx pal...but it just puts me at breakeven.... ha. still a good analst, but average
your 62 entry makes you a superstar trader in my book !
exited second half at 58.50
nice one... and here we are back at YD POC of time....this profile is ugly...seems like they need work at the 1760 but also down towards 57 which is real close to that gap in the data....Value area is bigger and only slightly overlapping on the upside......most of the time VA is under yesterdays VA most overlap is under price now
ha...not really.... i was looking for 1761.25 to 1761.75 but with the possibility of a tick or two over run.. any way i got stopped on my first short attempt at 60.25 and by the time i started to put in my order(1761.25) we had already passed it and hit 1762.00 ..i put the order in immediatly and it was dumb luck that it hit 1762.25 and filled me...
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Ho Ho Ho Thanks DT

You're very welcome - how easy was that?