ES Thursday 11-7-13

numbers I am watching....I thing we need to watch that swing low from overnight near 68.75 - 69.50......that may be first possible support and more important that the 70.50 number......also we have 71.75 attracting all the overnight volume....above there is the 74.25 - 75.25......further up is 80.50... a weekly R2 number

below key area will be the bell edge at 66.50 and 64.25 as the center....

here is the video...
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65.50 is the middle keltner band on the 15 minute, seems to have found a little support there
not singles ..sorry that 68 is breakdown point
i know!... man, i was walking back to the computer when i saw the spike high occurring.and you guys remember me mentioning the 74 and 82 numbers? i instinctively went short at the market(rare for me) filled at 1773.25 and covered at 71... wow. The euro rate cut caught me(and most i think) completely by surprise.
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65.50 is the middle keltner band on the 15 minute, seems to have found a little support there
...well that is the little one min chart 2.618 as shown..still got my order in at 64.75...for now
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kool, that's 46 bars on the 60 minute RTH chart !

I wonder now if the Bradley turn date is going to be a High ???
it easily could be especially if we hit 82,87 or 1806! but i wasnt expecting the bull market to end for several months , and besides the most recent big cylcle seen on daily charts is due to top till later this month
can't see a second signal....and concerned that the O/N low is gonna be the one to print today...gonna pass on furher longs until we see 61.50 - 62.50...that would push out the O/N low
took the break down thru the middle band short for a scalp

next 'support' at 62.25...
trying from 61.75.....with some luck we will go test 64
wow i got long at 1764.50 and stopped at 1762.50
1761.50 is the 2.618 from 1774.50 to 1769.50 ,trying to buy 1762.00
60 Minute RTH at the Thursday Close...

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