ES Thursday 11-7-13

numbers I am watching....I thing we need to watch that swing low from overnight near 68.75 - 69.50......that may be first possible support and more important that the 70.50 number......also we have 71.75 attracting all the overnight volume....above there is the 74.25 - 75.25......further up is 80.50... a weekly R2 number

below key area will be the bell edge at 66.50 and 64.25 as the center....

here is the video...
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on a very tiny basis 1752.25 to 1755.50is 3.25 handles so equality is at 1758.75 so i think youll get it bruce
out at 1757.00 for a nice little scalp...
nicely done !
moved my order to bkay's 58.50 level

(front running the blue line on my 2 minute chart)
us long holders need this to stay above 55- 56.25 otherwise sellers will be back to push to 50.50
how interesting...look at last weeks 50% mark......that we started with this week as a key...great bkay
Originally posted by bkay59

Looks like they found their Happy Place again at 58.50
wow, great trade PT and Bruce... for me is trying for back down to 55.75 will stop this last runner out
Exited Long at 58.50
58.75...equalitys a bitch!
60 Minute RTH at the Thursday Close...

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es 12 13 60 min 1172013