ES Thursday 2-6-14

well I spent at least 1/2 hour trying to put together 3 videos for Wednesdays trade and it seems few are interested....that's ok as I don't want to waste my time or anyone else's so if nobody is getting anything out of them then there is no reason to make them...I'm cool with that...It's actually faster and easier to just post a chart or nothing at all....

this isn't about votes or any of that...I just don't want to put in the time if nobody has feedback ( good or bad) or can contribute to the we'll keep it to just a chart for Thursdays trade.....well compare these levels in the morning..two days have created some volume at 45.50 so we need to be aware of that.
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thanks Bruce, I always find great training and market knowledge from listening to how you view the market. thank you for all you do! Big fan
I am new here and learning the technicality of trading and you shared nice information. Thanks for posting.
Bruce...I love your work and truly missed it went you took some time off. I have been following you for quite some time...make notes and try to learn from you. I try to pick levels before you give me yours but somehow I have just not been able to completely be in sync. I keep trying and learning and hope that it eventually comes together. At this point I do not think I am far of but lack the confidence. Please keep going I think there are a lot of people sitting on the sidelines learning from you....
Bruce you have a lot of followers. May I suggest that you make your videos on occasion as there are many past ones people can watch. Why not just post the levels that you are looking at for the day. I think that would please all.
Personally, I love the commentary so I can learn how to do this better. Levels are great but my desire is to learn and be self sufficient. Either way thank you, your work is great and very much appreciated.
if we want bruce to keep making his videos..we are going to have to give him some feed back .post some trade ideas..that how i understand his post today about videos..but just like trading i am wrong
Thanks for the feedback...will comment more later...the On session Has confirmed 3 of our areas which are 50.50, 54 and that 45 - 46...nothing will really change unless we have a volume breakout above Tuesdays highs but even then we have some key areas to work off of assumption is that they will go test the 45 - 46 in the RTH so my plan is to have shorts on above that price....that's all I see with 25 minutes left until we open...that 45 - 46 is the critical area to watch ! good luck today

the best sell idea will come if they push out the O/N session and fail up near 56 - 57 on low volume....but we can also try at 50.50 and the 54....
a screen shot of what O/N did at the levels so far....
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.now trying the 56 - 57 shorts
i will short the 60.75 reason pitbull 10# the # on bruce chart also i think there is a single print
I agree ...that's when it becomes real important to see what happened with good old fashioned price can make a big tail or any large single print area a bit more manageable...also a great question to also ask your self is " are we able to hold in or out of value from previous days ?"...the time Value area high from monday was blowing through there and leaving a single print behind is sending a message.....which is always easier to see in hindsight...but might help if you trade outside the first 90 minutes etc..
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thx for clarifying Bruce, those profile tails still baffle me somewhat.