ES Thursday 2-6-14

well I spent at least 1/2 hour trying to put together 3 videos for Wednesdays trade and it seems few are interested....that's ok as I don't want to waste my time or anyone else's so if nobody is getting anything out of them then there is no reason to make them...I'm cool with that...It's actually faster and easier to just post a chart or nothing at all....

this isn't about votes or any of that...I just don't want to put in the time if nobody has feedback ( good or bad) or can contribute to the we'll keep it to just a chart for Thursdays trade.....well compare these levels in the morning..two days have created some volume at 45.50 so we need to be aware of that.
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why do I also have lines up at 73 - 74 area ? look at friday and monday side by side and see what happened has to be part of an upper zone...also part of the single print selling tail of when we finally get above 72.25 the I would be looking for the fade opportunity no matter when it comes
with the current days POC at 64 and those lows we mentioned earlier I would say that the 64 is pretty damn important for bulls to try and hold onto from here...I try to put what I see on the profile in context with standard bar chart activity
thx for clarifying Bruce, those profile tails still baffle me somewhat.
current VA low is 61.50 and even though I said our zone was tested the reality is that it should have got down a bit farther....we have a ledge at 61.50 too and a single print at 60 another important zone as we go forward...
I agree ...that's when it becomes real important to see what happened with good old fashioned price can make a big tail or any large single print area a bit more manageable...also a great question to also ask your self is " are we able to hold in or out of value from previous days ?"...the time Value area high from monday was blowing through there and leaving a single print behind is sending a message.....which is always easier to see in hindsight...but might help if you trade outside the first 90 minutes etc..
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thx for clarifying Bruce, those profile tails still baffle me somewhat.