ES Thursday 2-6-14

well I spent at least 1/2 hour trying to put together 3 videos for Wednesdays trade and it seems few are interested....that's ok as I don't want to waste my time or anyone else's so if nobody is getting anything out of them then there is no reason to make them...I'm cool with that...It's actually faster and easier to just post a chart or nothing at all....

this isn't about votes or any of that...I just don't want to put in the time if nobody has feedback ( good or bad) or can contribute to the we'll keep it to just a chart for Thursdays trade.....well compare these levels in the morning..two days have created some volume at 45.50 so we need to be aware of that.
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out for small hit
Thanks for your overview Bruce
Tough trading day. I am sure NFP is effecting the market today. Thanks for your insight Bruce. :-)
Chris Tina
I find there always a balance between giving the trade room and wanting to protect your open profit. I sometimes think its just better to set it and forget it as the commercial goes...
a look at how the zones have kinda failed us today....same chart as first post without the histogram ...note how no zone or line has come back to a previous one
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trying one last trade...will show reason in a minute from 66.25....covered other at 64.75
taking something at 63 POC.....try to hold for 61.50 or new highs will stop this out
I combined tuesday and wednesday..look at nice bell curve...not perfect but that is one reason I said to watch for a volume breakout above tuesdays highs...more important is to look at the swing lows from 1-29 and 1-31.....also see single prints ..big ones from monday 2-3 which runs from 64 - 69...that is a big zone of singles...we need that to turn into resistance....note how todays POC is at 63 - 64...those wing lows and we have a selling tail at todays highs into the single...

there will be players trying to sell 68.50 - 69 and also up at 72 - 74.50 if they still have power...this is last campaign for me........this last try made me only breakeven on the day but that is ok for a fader on a trend day
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very cool how all of this fancy stuff really only boils down to ranges and swings from previous days..
Bruce what do you use to time your entries? Do you just look for a level to hold and try for the best possible price or do you have a standard signal you use?
Why don't they just run it up and hit 68.75 single print from Monday and get it over with?
I agree ...that's when it becomes real important to see what happened with good old fashioned price can make a big tail or any large single print area a bit more manageable...also a great question to also ask your self is " are we able to hold in or out of value from previous days ?"...the time Value area high from monday was blowing through there and leaving a single print behind is sending a message.....which is always easier to see in hindsight...but might help if you trade outside the first 90 minutes etc..
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thx for clarifying Bruce, those profile tails still baffle me somewhat.