ES Wednesday 12-17-2014

Yesterday we hit the 1.28 SD upper band. Here are today's numbers. Good luck to everyone.

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I got stopped at 75.50 after that bounce...that was a concern of mine
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they tested YD's VAL again. Bulls seem to be defending it so far
5 minute appears to be forming a near perfect M pattern. Nice call, Bruce! How did you know?
Oops!...Guess I spoke too soon.
expecting a retest of 87.75 from up here
almost got to the 1 SD band
R1 and 80% band at 97.25 if we get up there
this area above 93 at 94.75 - 96.75 is my next key spot ...nice little test they are doing
what are you talking about... according to the table you printed the +1 SD is near 1990, isn' it?
with a little luck they will push it back to 91
we need this to get back under 93 and the quiker the better
for those interested I kicked off tomorrows thread with a quick overview of trades and questions from Tuesday...