ES Wednesday 12-17-2014

Yesterday we hit the 1.28 SD upper band. Here are today's numbers. Good luck to everyone.

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took a small short from 81 to 78.5 which was a LVN
market is moving way too fast to type and trade. i already missed the long this AM
i'd really like 2 c a 77 reprint....they are starting on the "M" pattern I think
30 min VPOC at 75 so there is a good chance they print that 77
it is all those LVNs that made me get out at 78.5
30-min VPOC flipped to 79.5. Now i am not so sure if they will get back to 75 or not
Bruce, are you still short?
Is there anyone out there who can get an actual volume number of contracts traded at a price?

Can you tell me the price where the biggest number of contracts traded BELOW 72.75 in the RTH only today?

Can you tell me the price ABOVE 77.25 at which the largest number of contracts traded?

this is what i have.

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yes newkid still short ....nice "M" pattern but in the backof my mind Iknow they will eventually go to the greenies I mentioned above or below and this is fed day so not keeping much on..I'd like to see them build time under 77.50 - 79 know...but I have no clue what will happen-
for those interested I kicked off tomorrows thread with a quick overview of trades and questions from Tuesday...