ES Wednesday 12-17-2014

Yesterday we hit the 1.28 SD upper band. Here are today's numbers. Good luck to everyone.

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I plan on making a video later to cover yesterdays questions...behind the 8 ball this morning...

using two zones as resistance
86 - 87.75 *****

81 - 83.50

1975 - my main magnet this morning

numbers below

1971.50 *****

64 - 66.50 ****



49 - 51


further numbers up

1997 - 1999***


watching for the potential "M" or "w" pattern to form off 5 minute if we stay inside YD range

I have greenies at 83.50 and 66 from YD.....breakout traders will try to get one of least one of those numbers
Here is a monthly view. October's VPOC was at 50.25 but as you can see there is a big bell curve down there. Also the 0.5 SD today is around 54. So that would be a buying zone for me. Obviously would need to see a pause as per Bruce. If it shoots through it, will use the VPOC as a first target
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I made a few revisions to my numbers above FWIW
our monthly TPO doesn't match new kid...can someone confirm.? I actually have low tpos at 50.25
50.25 is not my time POC, it is my volume POC. But as you can see, there is a lot of HVN in the area. And we already know about the volume discrepancies. Do you have a tremendously low number of TPOs there?
current VPOC is just below YD VAL. That tells me they are continuing to find value in same place as YD
VPOC just flipped to 75
i think it will go to 83 (YD VPOC)
in first resistance zone hunting shorts..
for those interested I kicked off tomorrows thread with a quick overview of trades and questions from Tuesday...