ES Wednesday 12-17-2014

Yesterday we hit the 1.28 SD upper band. Here are today's numbers. Good luck to everyone.

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i am talking about the 80% band, the 1.28 SD band at 97.25
Took a short up at 93.25 playing to fill in single prints at 1986.00 if it gets that far
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almost got to the 1 SD band

this is why I was confused.

thanks for the update.
sharks, what made you take an entry at 93.25?
I follow Volume Profile composite charts, I had a composite LVN at 1993.25. Also saw a small momemtum divergence up there as well.
and now with even more luck we may get them to pull this back to 85 - 86 area...closer to 86 I would think to be safe
oopps...justs saw your post at 86 sharks...sorry for duplicate idea
here is lvn chart from just folks will incorporate composite like sharks with a one day lvn and price action
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and here is how today is unfolding....i did not mark the HVN's
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good call Bruce and sharks. i see the LVN now.
Out at 1986.00... Even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while
for those interested I kicked off tomorrows thread with a quick overview of trades and questions from Tuesday...