ES Thursday 12-18-14

gonna kick it off with trying to answer a few questions from Tuesday trades....
No video below? Try this link: lesson_trade.swf

and here is "M" pattern from it at your own risk like all of this stuff
No video below? Try this link: M_pattern.swf

key numbers for Wednesday Overnight and Thursday....employment report at 8;30 EST

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they also have that 30-min VPOC at 33.75. i wonder if they try to go get it
wow! they got that LVN!! Great trade Bruce. I feel stupid for dumping my short way up there but glad it worked out for you!
covered last short at 35.75...

for pitbullers ...the market opens at 35 and drops down to minus they were buying the minus 4 at 2031.....just an fwiw ! is so hard as we can have so many conflicting thoughts....that trade stopped right in between the two lvns ...those lvns at 38.75 and 42.50 in between is the bulk of the I was waiting for price to come back down of that center ...but in the back of my mind is that greenie concept...those vpoc/poc from 12- 11...but now there is nothing unless we can start spending time under 12- 11 VA lows and that hasn't been happening....if it does I will enetertain small shorts to see if I can get a bigger selloff to the other greenie below

also we are stuck inside the IB........

and for the record I would have tried 3 times at that was a gift because it worked the first time
do u have any way to back test that idea.....? I have done it by eye with my IB data but i'd be curious to c what happens on back adjusted data with different data...
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they also have that 30-min VPOC at 33.75. i wonder if they try to go get it
and they got that 30-min VPOC! I feel bad for dumping my short for a big loss but at least i am glad i did not flip long!
you need not wonder is it a surprise that the vpoc from 30 minute was right near that va low..?

"It's all about ranges and value"...we should all get tattoos of Mike Tyson....u first !!
i need to burn that into my memory!

for your other question, i have not back tested the 30-min VPOC test but I think it is a worthwhile endeavor. i will try doing the last few months by hand, see how the results look and then continue looking further back as needed.

i am not sure how to automate that testing so i will try it by hand.
i'd like to see a third tpo print down at that far we have had only two tpo's...the first 30 minute bar and now the 3rd 30 minute bar of the day...selling tail and buying tail in the market...which one will be erased ?
what is this greenie concept u speak of?
no..I never trade at this time...never do after market trading but will sometimes take trades around 9 a.m EST...but even then it would be small
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Bruce, are you trading for those greenies?