ES Friday 12-19-14

here are support and resistence and zones...also the greenies magnets......REMEMBER : the Overnight midpoint was not hit in Thursdays day session .....strong probabilities we will hit Thursdays Overnight midpoint in Fridays day session.....less than 3% chance of it not printing
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and we have a winner at 66. good hold Bruce.

the only thing i am curoius about is why did you take the short at the open? was that because you had 62.5 marked off as a zone? that seemed like a gutsy call
O Master of Numbers, so is it less than 3% to not hit mid point of O/N only cause it did not hit the day session before? or is that a every day stat?

I bow to your knowledge O great one, smiles... You are good you! always learn something.
and for the record I was out of all but one contract when we got one tick under YD RTH high...then held only one for midpoint
Daddywolt, I have it hitting the onmp 80% of the time in the last few months. I'm afraid I have no numbers for the probability after a miss.
i believe the 3% chance of not hitting it is after a miss
1 SD band is at 73.75. There is a chance they hit that today and form new ATH.
here is how todays chart looks currently against first chart I posted today.....not perfect but good enough....not how that 58.37 line reacted and we made a 1-2-3 low with that becoming support again
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the minus 4 - 5.5 zone today came in at 56.50 - 58....using 62 as an open ....I know the pitbull numbers seem stupid and silly but that is probably why most forget to look at them !!
excellent info, thanks everybody......and I will keep the info close to the vest! and close to my wallet
do u have a book or god pamphlet on the important numbers u come up with daily? I am sure the market wants to buy it, like I would.