ES Friday 12-19-14

here are support and resistence and zones...also the greenies magnets......REMEMBER : the Overnight midpoint was not hit in Thursdays day session .....strong probabilities we will hit Thursdays Overnight midpoint in Fridays day session.....less than 3% chance of it not printing
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not looking for O/N midpoint?
overnight mid is 2066?
yup. and VPOC too

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overnight mid is 2066?
we had greenies at 62.5 and at ~66. Looks like 62.5 is now acting as resistance and flipped from being support.
i see 58.5 as a swing low from 12/4 as well as there is a single greenie there. lots of volume seen here
flat at 59.50...I have a line at 58.50 and the O/N swing low is there.......and of course with midpoint untouched I am even more skeptical of my short
trying to get a long working now for midpoint...ideal will be to see the 58.50 hold it or the 53.75 - 54.75....those will be only two zones I will try from today
me too Bruce. trying to see if i can get long but if we do manage to do that, there are so many numbers on the way to 66
I should of had single prints from YD mared off will look to see if we can get a signal down near 56 area also
long 57.50 ..terrible fill