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ES Friday 1-16-15

Here are the bands for today. We hit the lower 1 SD band based on 365 days YD

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so far in O/N they have been rejecting YD's VAL. So depending on what it does between now and the open, that might help set the initial direction

also i have a greenie right there as well so it will be interesting to see if it remains resistance or turns into support
if we go above the 88, then it is to the middle of the bell curve for Jan: 94-95
here's how I have it and greenie magnets sit at 92.50 , 75.50 and last friday they may decide to create multiple tpo's through last weeks RTH low at 84...something to think about.........also they will print either 96 or 77 today....keep that in mind...YD rth close had some nice swings in On so 88.75 is to be watched says the rest
No video below? Try this link: confused.swf

and here is how overnight looks against YD RTH ...
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using OR low and high aggressively as we are at a number I really don't like....but will buy/sell breaks of it
trying to get 88 to print
covering most at 88...not convinced they won't come back down to 84 again....will try to hold only one for 92.50 if lucky...
Nice early action Bruce, was watching same thing, almost sold the low, no trade taken.
here's how I played it....that's it and don't care....also as an FYI I lost money YD on SPY shares I bought on wednesday......when I saw price come back through 2000 as per futures I exited spy.....If we had closed strong YD I would have bought again but I need to see strength from one day follow through and I diddn't see that so exited them...may buy spy again today if we get some strength
No video below? Try this link: only_trade.swf

a quick shot of the two tpo's against last weeks lows...usually u see 5 - 6 at least......but the day isn't over yet......
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yeah...options expiration....can be a nutty day to end a nutty week
Originally posted by sharks57

Nice early action Bruce, was watching same thing, almost sold the low, no trade taken.
how we look when I merge all the bars that started at 2002 seems to be the line to beat now
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