ES Friday 1-16-15

Here are the bands for today. We hit the lower 1 SD band based on 365 days YD

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thanks Bruce and nice trading as always. it has now been 2 consecutive days where i misread the open but one of these days i will get it (hopefully soon)
our 30 minute time chart has all the one minutes at 92.50...interesting we may get the sell off here.....
here is current look..seems like that 88 is becoming support and maybe back to the 92.50..........not sure and not trading but I find this interesting
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current look
and here is how first 30 minute bar is looking........ok...nuff more charts.....gonna move on from here...good luck
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30-min VPOC @ 93 even
Looks like other time frame players just stepped in at a major HVN 1984.00
That's 1984.50
time had it at 92.50....theres another tpo at last weeks low...that makes 3 so far
Originally posted by NewKid

30-min VPOC @ 93 even
well if i had set my exit at 92.5, i might have been out already.... instead it went right back down... some days/weeks are just like that...
according to my data, there were 12358 contracts traded at 93 and 10641 at 92.50 in the first 30 mins with 11575 at 92.75. so i guess we should treat it more like a band from 92.5 to 93 than a single price. the single price was good for backtesting but in reality it might make more sense to use bands as we do with everything else.

FYI, beyond those prices there is a steep drop off in volume so that is definitely the band
how we look when I merge all the bars that started at 2002 seems to be the line to beat now
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