ES Friday 2-13-2015

Bands for the day. The daily 0.5 band is at 91.25, weekly 1 band is at 91.75, daily R1 is at 89.5 and weekly R1 is at 90. So a lot of confluence from 90 to 92

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popping off at 85.50 aND 84.50.......TRYING TO DO OPTION HOMEWORK AND MANAGE RUNNERS BORDERS O/N THe LINE OF INSANITY.....oopps.....have a great weekend........only second to trading and posting 2 a forum trading ....momentum can take over since we spent so much time back and forth above...I just bought to exit shorts and wouldn'tr be buying......if this test happened earlier it would be different...
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wake up, it's time to watch 84-83 area!!

that 84-83 comment was not meant for buying, it was meant to wake you up to close out your shorts.

what patience you have.
today I have patience but only on two runners at the becomes more like gambling at that point.....for those interested...82.75 was lowest time price that was in between bell curves on yesterday's RTH chart confim you could have also noticed Greenies in your On chart before todays market are two pics
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my "LTN" label should be up at chart has it's label in the wrong spot