ES Thursday 2-26-15

Greenies for the day:


Weekly VPOC: 2096
Weekly POC: 2092.25
Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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I'm watching last weeks high 2108.50 in O/N for potential longs back to magnet prices of 2111 and 2112.....will also try longs off 2106 but probably not much lower if I am to use that 2111-2112 as a target////longs from 03 area would need to target 06 to keep longs under VA low of yesterday and shorts above 2114.50 ...Ideally in 2115 - 2117 zone and then up at 2122 - 2125 area.....

key idea today is to watch to see if volume can come back in and to see if we can break away from 2111-2112.....otherwise we just keep coming back to it

sure wish there were more opportunities but this is all I see right now

first key on downside is 2108.50 - 2109.50 ( va low is there too)

good luck
i am looking to see if we can take out YD's low and if so, then take out Tuesday's low. The move could be quick so I am going to be extra cautious today
Set @ 07.50; 1st target 10.0 just below EURO IB low; 2nd target 11-12 area.

Good luck to all.
revising target to 10.75 just in case they want to play games this morning
well the On trade worked perfect...will try only small at last weeks high now to try and get midpoint of O/ size...juts too thin still....will watch open print and OR carefully for sub targets on the way if it works
sorry too quick to post and trade that one...holding only one for midpoint now
flat at 2111.25...not sure if my Mp chart is painting well but that is midpoint
good trading Bruce. it is 11.25
thanks...can't see doing much else today..perhaps if they can push it down into 06.50 but all would have to be small on a day like this and wouldn't want to give much back
yes...they have had John on there to immerse yourself...some do better with structured learning and some do better on their own....I do better with a blend...sometimes we need a kick in the pants to get going......thanks for posting dasein
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