ES Thursday 2-26-15

Greenies for the day:


Weekly VPOC: 2096
Weekly POC: 2092.25
while we are all waiting for something to move the option sellers are most likely making a is a link to my John Carter weekly options review....please grill me on it as I know many ( like myself ) are skeptical of people selling things....

and here is a screen shot of some trades I used with the basic concepts that John and others teach.........I do not want to give out specifics of Johns stuff but my immersion in all these ideas is helping me form an option SELLING style of my own......there is no trainer that you will most likely mimic exactly

I am in no way endorsing anyone to make any particular trades ( feel like I must say that....don't want to get Guy and mypivots in trouble).....these trades I put on yesterday and took them off today........I messed up on the GPS play as that is an earnings situation that happens at days close........I should also mention that I messed up an order yesterday that cost this account $400 yesterday in HPQ....I let a $100 loss turn into a $400 loss because I messed up the trading I'm still in training

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great options info at - it is free.
yes...they have had John on there to immerse yourself...some do better with structured learning and some do better on their own....I do better with a blend...sometimes we need a kick in the pants to get going......thanks for posting dasein
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great options info at - it is free.