ES Thursday 2-26-15

Greenies for the day:


Weekly VPOC: 2096
Weekly POC: 2092.25
30 min VPOC @ 10.25

FWIW, IB feed
I have first 30minute VPOC at 2111.25
Paul, i see about a 700 contract difference between 10.25 and 11.25 (they are number 1 and 2 on the volume) so we are in the ballpark. also of note, 10.25 is the close of YD
10.25 was also today's OPEN

RE My VPOC, this is one of the weird things about the way IB sends out data... I have seen time stamped OHLC for one minute bars that miss other feeds I have by a tick...

IB Data is subject to how it is sent out (the time)_ and I don't know how often they really send it... a nerd friend of mine told me that for volume all they do is take total volume of the day at the instance of the data distribution and subtract from it the total volume of the day during the PRIOR data distribution, so believe me, prominent histos of volume at price will not always match with tick by tick data.
i have seen my data track accurately with whatever Dalton was using and also with a couple of other folks. so i know that my data is fairly accurate.
yeah but does accuracy in the data necessarily translate to super dooper profits? (IMHO, no)
no it does not. was just pointing out that your theory on IB data is very likely true, that is all.
WHen I think of all the money I used to spend on just data, and all the time I used to waste trying to figure out how do you really use the "footprints" and what exactly is the advantage of being able to see cumulative delta?...

FOR every single trade, whether it's at the bid or at the ask, there are 2 entities thinking in different directions... it's really the total volume that matters...afterall, you can see whether bulls or bears are winning...what's price doing?

finally, after watching Bruce trade with his IB DATA, and knowing that he doesn't even look at a footprint or a cum delta chart...It finally sunk into my thick skull, I don't need tick by tick data.

i do not look at any of that stuff either but volume at price helps me see things a bit more clearly. all i have up is a 1-min chart, an MP chart and a volume chart
Yes, volume at price... it is total volume (at that price), it is the total number at the bid plus the total number at the offer)) ... I'm glad to hear you haven't been sucked into the smoke and mirrors of data minutia. ( I am ashamed to say I spent literally a year and half trying to recognize cold hard rules that mattered... Guess what? I don't do that anymore....
Uh-Oh, some one's at the door, it's time for my new straight jacket. Ha Ha Ha
good luck with the rest of the day
yes...they have had John on there to immerse yourself...some do better with structured learning and some do better on their own....I do better with a blend...sometimes we need a kick in the pants to get going......thanks for posting dasein
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