ES Thursday 3-5-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.
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Today is less clear than yesterday, trends don't happen that often. i would go long @ 02.25 if it happens and hang on.
It would be more agressive to buy 99.25 but not feeling it.
after 99, i think the next spot would be 96.5 for the market to go to. if i had runners, i would have taken them off at 96. i got out of my 1 con at 99
I will buy, if they let me, 96.0 near Euro low and swing low looking for chop back to the open.
96.5 is VPOC of YD and a greenie. also 96.75 is the time POC
trying to hold something for 97 print....
poor low at 98
according to my greenies it will be 96.75 or 03.75 that prints...and obviously hoping for the lower one
missed entry by 1 tic
that's the party for me.........this is what is so cool about the market and the cycles .....Tuesdays and wednesday faders had to work was a walk in the park......but that is the point for me......and why I usually do not trend trade=- New kid you made comments yesterday about being able to do both and Dalton mentions that but I am just the opposite......

The key for me is working at limiting losses or recovering from my poor trading when fades go bad.....I don't look at being both a trend trader AND a fader....In the first 90 minutes I suggest you work hard at being good at only ONE style....u will confuse yourself otherwise ( take it from one who has) easy for Dalton or anyone to give you context and point out what happens AFTER it happens but to be in the trenches and doing it is another story......that is why I bust my ass posting as show that none of it really is that easy.....ok, maybe today was....

The bottom line I think is to pick a style and stay with it, Don't be a fader and a hard at when you are wrong on assumptions and don't feel bad if you miss a fade ( if u r a fader) or a trend ( if u are a trender)...The worst thing you can do is say " Oh man, if only I held on I would have made 5 more points etc ( Insert your own number of points here)."........strive for a consistent style....being both and switching gears is very difficult regardless of what anyone says or teaches you...
Joe, when you have a minute, can you explain again how you calculated those percentages and what does o.b mean (opening balance? 1-min, 5-min?)?
i know you said you used discretion on where the bar closes with respect its range but i did not quite understand the L1-80%, etc.. thanks

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I have done this for years by hand only real time this a.m. looked like this
9:30 LL
9:35 LL L1 -80%
9:40 LL L2-60%
9:45 LL L3 +100 o.b.
9:50 HH H1 +20%
9:55 ib inside bar
10:00 LL L1 strong close +90%