ES Monday 3-16-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.
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Last week's low is poor so there is a good chance it gets taken out this week (not 100% sure but simply a high probability). Also the market is pretty thin at levels below 2030 based on the weeks of 2/9 and 2/2 so there is a chance that the break could be significant to the downside during the upcoming week.

Feb VPOC/POC: 2083.5
March POC/VPOC: 2038.5/39
Weekly VPOC: 2109
Weekly POC: 2097.5
All time high: 2117.75

Today has the potential for a trend/open drive situation. Apprx 10 points above Friday close, 5 points above Euro IB high
I will be watching for a test of the 47 area and go long.

Good luck all.
will get short around 57.25 if they give it to me. it is a HTN from Thursday
going to add onto this with an additional video FWIW....will we get some weakness on open to carry over from friday ? Big gap UP today ..any short trades will try and target 50.75 on runners only....we know if we are way off they 58 - 60 becomes next area to work from......still a bit early so we may take some heat,,,
No video below? Try this link: monday_part_1_.swf

ok second video brings in my time chart and speaks to market maker moves based on TOS software..
No video below? Try this link: market_makers.swf

weekly Pivot is at 49.50 and goes well with one of our lines....should be a good day today and lots of opportunities early on I hope..

55.50 is my average fill and won't add in On anymore....I never want to get so far off in an On trade that I can't make it back in day session trading.....will be watching 60 - 61 if they get into that low time spot this morning..and 67 - 68 if they really get some wings under this gap open
Took the retest of 53 area after news (was O/N swing high and 10 +/- off close) long. out @ 56.25 to avoid open.
revising first target to 53.75....
I have lines at 52.75 and I'm wondering which one will they drive to on the open....selling 56.50 in RTh now
using open print as hit 1/2 SD band too accordingto Market maker
coming out heavy at open open print,,,runners will try for my 52.75 line...this is R1 ao tricky to hold...
runners clipped...starting new shorts at 59 .25....
target is 57
A little recap of today and last night.

I went long at -5 from Friday's close.

I went long off 53 retest of swing high and roughly +10 from Friday close.

No gap fill in 1st 5M, took the break of that long until +5 off the open and then went short.

A quick, good day.

Hope all banked some green today.