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discount brokers

i have a question for all you traders out there. who do you use as your broker, what do you pay and are you happy with them? if so, why?

i'll get the ball rolling. i use emini direct ( and pay 3.42/side for the nqoos that i trade. happy with them and the j-trader platform.
How do they decide the exact amount that they charge you?

1.85 a side for an ES contract? That's 3.70 RT right?
Ya, I assume thats what they charge everybody
Originally posted by Trader Guy

I started trading with United Trading Sevices, paying between 1.35 and 1.85 a side, just for execution though, i dont call in or use a broker.

What I meant was: Do they charge you 1.35 or 1.85 a side? Or a figure in between? And how do they determine what they charge you?
Checked my statement, this is what it looks like the charges are for each market I've traded.
ES, ER, EN= $3.70RT
ZJ= $2.65RT
ZB, ZN, ZF= $2.58RT
Globex Currencies= $ 4.85
Emini Crude: $4.95
This is the link right?

I've just taken a look and they advertise .99 for day trading and have a monthly sliding scale of rebates depending on your volume which looks very competitive.

What trading platforms do they support? What do you use?
I use ran edge, not bad. Costs a little a month though, think 200.00. They are really helpfull though, let them know what you want.
"ran edge" ...?

I did a search on Google but couldn't find anything. Never heard of it either. Do you have a link for them? is the website. I'm not sure if they have anything on the actual site, I dont know if they sell or provide the system to individuals. UTS sent me the download, I demo'd it first. shows me the depth of market thats what i like.
Thanks - I'd never heard of them before. The interface and technology looks a lot like PatSystems' J-Trader.
anytime, thats why these forums exist, did you call them? What did they offer you, maybe we could work together and both get better rates, if possible, on some sort of referal plan? I got beat up hard with mini gold, you?
Originally posted by George Soros

I don't use any oscillators or momentum indicators like you do - not that there's anything wrong with that - but I use support and resistance levels to trade off - both dynamic and static. So an example of a static support level would be the value areas or point of control from the previous day and a dynamic one would be the developing point of control or value areas for the current day. Then there are the initial balances and multiples thereof and also single prints and other market profile defined areas. I sometimes chart things like MACD or stochastics or a moving average but more out of curiosity than anything else. I used to be a fan of Bollinger Bands but I found that for some reason my discipline was no good when I was trading with them. I worked out a system with Bollinger Bands but just couldn't stick to it and I could never work out why I could not stay with the plan so I abandoned it in the end.

Thanks for sharing your trading strategy I have to research this because is Little over my head or knowledge.
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