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How to Change Parameters in eSignal

Changing parameters in your indicator/study

If you need to change a parameter in the eSignal indicator that you're using then it is fairly straight forward.

  1. Load the indicator (study) into an advanced chart.
  2. Right click on the advanced chart and from the menu select: Edit Studies...
  3. You will be presented with a Studies Properties dialog box. Click the Study drop-down in the top left corner of this dialog and select the study you want to change the parameters for.
  4. In the Studies Properties dialog you will now see a Formula Parameters section. Change the Value of the parameter to what you want it to be. The Default value is shown on the right if you ever want to change the parameter back to the original (default) value. (You may need to scroll down the parameter list to see all the parameters - there is a bug with the scroll feature - read more about this below.)
  5. Click OK when you're done and the new settings will take place and the study will be reloaded with the new settings.

If you don't see the parameter that you need/want to change:

Please note the following bug that is present in all versions of eSignal that we are aware of. We will post more information if this bug is resolved and which version of eSignal resolves it. It is only an inconvenience and does not affect the functionality of eSignal or the indicator.

If the study has more parameters than can fit in the Formula Parameters area then the first time that you edit the study's parameters you will see a scrollbar on the right hand side so that you can scroll down and edit the other parameters.

It is possible that on subsequent attempts to edit the parameters for a study that the scroll bar is missing. The image below shows the same parameter list twice. The top image shows the scrollbar present and the second one shows it missing.

If the scrollbar is missing then there are two ways that you can scroll down to see the other parameters.

First of all click on a label on the left hand side of the parameter list: For example click on Tick Size in this window.

Now use the down arrow key on your keyboard or use the mouse wheel to scroll the window down.

We hope that this resolves the problem if you come across it. If not, or you encounter other problems, then please request help in our support forum.

This problem is also discussed in DVATool parameters missing in our forums.

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