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Staying Connected to an IRC Channel

Getting disconnected from #emini/#emini and IRC?

If you're using mIRC then the following will keep you connected:

  • From the menu click: Tools -> Scripts Editor... (or Alt+R)
  • Select the Remote tab
  • In the scripts editor window click the menus: File -> New
  • Type in the following line:
    on *:CONNECT: { timer 0 60 msg $me . }
  • From the menus click: File -> Save As... and give the file a meaningful name such as timer.mrc
  • Now restart mIRC

What this will do is set up a timer which will send a period (.) to yourself every minute. If you have been inadvertently disconnected by your ISP or software or whatever this will force mIRC to reconnect you and keep your connection alive.

Reconnecting to IRC and #emini

If you have registered your nick on IRC's Othernet network then you will be asked to authenticate this by providing the password each time you log on. You will also need to type in /join #emini each time you reconnect to IRC. To simplify this you can automatically execute commands when mIRC connects to Othernet:

  • From the menu click: Tools -> Options
  • Scroll left most list-box (Category), scroll to the top and find Connect and under that find (and click on) Options.
  • Once Options has been selected click on the Perform... button.
  • Check the box Enable perform on connect.
  • In the Perform commands window type:
    /msg NS AUTH password
    /join #emini
  • Note: replace password (above) with your password.
  • Click OK and OK again and that should do it.

You can also enter other commands in the Perform commands window that you wish to have automatically executed when you log onto Othernet (or any network).


If you're still having problems with your connection or getting into the chat channel then please post your question in our Trading Room Support Forum and someone will try and help you.

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