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ES 12-23-08

GM Traders

daily pp: 871.75
weekly pp: 885.25
POC: 869.75

60m: 905 / 849.75
15m: 878, 887.75 / 869.50, 862.25

should hit 853-54 by 3:15
the better question is what happens after that!...wish i knew!
this will be the 5th day in row! and im looking for that respite
Pookster is missing all this she's offline now...she got her 10 wins and quit...(bitch)

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wow, sure looks like the low came 3 min early!
mypto you better start treating her better - koolio is is the kind of guy that can overpower a woman with his charm and charisma!
They are unable to set it up for a bear rally lets see if they can try again
late day rally started early....anyone with the sqwuakbox can tell us what happened?
l @ 61.75
ABC projection off LOD...

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ABC projection off LOD