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ES 12-23-08

GM Traders

daily pp: 871.75
weekly pp: 885.25
POC: 869.75

60m: 905 / 849.75
15m: 878, 887.75 / 869.50, 862.25

flat @ 59.50...that looked damn good for a second
trying again with higher high close
nvm i figured it out sry
what a sick puppy! cant even stage a rally on the seasonal strength in an oversold condition!
Originally posted by feng456

mypto how do i change it to a 5 minute chart from a 30s with trademaven?

just highlight it and type in 5
i think the cycles ive talked abut for 3 months are begining to take hold!(120 day and 40-45 day)
heres another bear try
POS is better desciption
can we get 867 before close?
l @59.25
ABC projection off LOD...

Click image for original size
ABC projection off LOD