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ES 12-23-08

GM Traders

daily pp: 871.75
weekly pp: 885.25
POC: 869.75

60m: 905 / 849.75
15m: 878, 887.75 / 869.50, 862.25

stop 57.25
low to 863 gives 78% retracement at 857.
863 to 857 gives 161% retracement to 867.. i dont know 127% retracement...but thats how i got that number.
this trade has great r/r...65.50, 67.75, 70.50

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No Description Entered
what a POS!
Good afternoon and good morning still here. I am not entering. Doesn't look good and I cannot predict with my current knowledge and indicators. Using 2min chart looks good for a long but I am not certain still.
1 off 60.50
ugh flat be
not gonna complain...VO filled the boat up today!
ABC projection off LOD...

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ABC projection off LOD