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Candle Pattern

ES 15min. @ 8:30 bear harami / 9:15 bear engulf / if we
close above could be a further move up

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looks like we continue down we're below the FED candle from Wed.
projection 765.50 / 762.50 / 753.50
got a so9 above my 753.50 / may not make to that proj.
764 = yesterday VAL / 762 area is s2 for options players will hit
maby we go up touch 765 then back down to 757??
got a bullish 15mi. candle / we'll see
touched 765 and backed off / now lets go to 757 at least
that volume spike & shadow @ 61.00 area not a good thing for shorts
766.50 does it for me
one more time down maby 757 this time
I don't trade with MAs ... but recently I started looking at them .. I have set up a quad chart with different time frame of MAs .. Today at 11:30am et. all four MAs came together and in fact price hit them about the same time .. I just got started with this so I'll post what I see from time to time .. looks good so far .. My intent is to use them as a confirming tool not a primary ...