Market Profile calculator

I was checking out the beta Market profile calculator. great idea btw, but I could not get it to work. I trade the ES and there is numbers set up for the ES. It says to enter the Raw high/Low data here. When I do, the profile does not appear to be correct. Any thoughts are appreciated
Printer, can you paste the numbers that you entered and the results that you got as a reply to this message and tell me what part of it you think is wrong and I'll take a look at it.
Thanks Daytrading,
ex: todays hi lo for ES was 1263.25-1231.50. When I remove the numbers that are populated in the window and enter in the hi lo it says "need to have at least two brackets" If I leave the populated numbers in the window it gives me VAH 1287.5 POC 1281.75 VAL 1279.25.

With todays hi lo numbers it seem incorrect.Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Printer: The pre-populated numbers are just sample data from while back. You need to replace those numbers with today's numbers in the same format. So put each high and low from each bracket for the day on one line like the sample data and then calculate. You should just be able to copy/paste the data from your charting package. What charting software do you use?
I am using Tradestation. When you say bracket is it not just the low and high for the day? Also what do I cut and paste.Thanks for your help.
Brackets are the 30 minute bars during the Regular Trading Session (RTH). So there are typically 13 of those for the E-mini S&P500 from 9:30a to 4:15p ET so you'd need to enter 13 lines in the calculator with 2 numbers on each line, just like the sample data that's already on that page. I'm not sure how you copy data from a 30 minute chart in Tradestation as I don't use it. Anybody reading this that knows the answer to copy/past data from Trade Station?
So I just have to enter the hi lo for each 30 min period for the rth and it should work?
Correct, just like the sample data that's on the page when you first go to it.

High space low enter
high space low enter
Ah got it. I just read each 30 min candle hi lo and wrote down the numbers and plugged them in, works great. If anyone knows how to copy and paste this info please let me know. Thank you very much for your help Daytrading it is appreciated! ES VAH 1256.75 POC 1252.75
VAL 1245.75 from 7.29.08.
You're welcome, those numbers look good to me.
ES from 7.30.08 VAH 1277.75 POC 1273.75 VAL 1267.25
Some traders ignore the last bracket but I believe that most traders include it. I think that you should include it as there is significant day trading closing out that happens in that bracket.