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Market Profile calculator

I was checking out the beta Market profile calculator. great idea btw, but I could not get it to work. I trade the ES and there is numbers set up for the ES. It says to enter the Raw high/Low data here. When I do, the profile does not appear to be correct. Any thoughts are appreciated
what do i do if i have ninja trader?
Originally posted by feng456

what do i do if i have ninja trader?

Does anybody know how you copy the high and low data from a NinjaTrader chart? Does it have an "export" style function?
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Originally posted by sjzeno

Thanks DT.

I tried putting in the 30min bars for the $TICK but it said the range was to wide, I need to be a premium member to do that.

Have you ever heard of a VAP or VP study? I think that's what one has to do to get the numbers for the $TICK

Try using a larger Tick Size (like 10) rather than the default 0.25. That's probably why it's saying that the range is too wide. Considering that the typical range of the $TICK is from -1000 to +1000 then a tick size of 10 would still be 200 price points wide. So maybe a Tick Size of 100 would work better.

Click image for original size
Market Profile Calculator Tick Size input box.
I just took the 30 minute highs and lows from yesterday (Thursday 6/10/2010) for the $TICK and this is the raw data that I got:
1058	-320
1201 -937
710 -654
844 -609
806 -868
832 -1068
922 -1171
947 -1112
953 -709
856 -1036
1145 -447
1276 -787
1116 -745
767 145

I then set the Tick Size in the Market Profile Calculator to 100 and dropped that data into the input area and clicked Generate and this is the profile that was generated:

1229.00 P
1129.00 ENP
1029.00 DENPQ
929.00 DEKLNPQ
-871.00 EHIJKMP
-971.00 EIJKM
-1071.00 IJKM
-1171.00 JK


VAH= 729.00
POC= 129.00
VAL= -671.00

Personally I don't think that this gives us any extra information or insight into the market because of the nature of $TICK and that fact that Market Profile is designed to find the market's natural balance. However, someone else might see something here?

thats what i was looking to do.

snap the vah/val onto the $tick and watch those areas in conjunction with pa on the es.

it helped me with my exits and entries and finding the base and tops of runs today.
Originally posted by sjzeno


thats what i was looking to do.

snap the vah/val onto the $tick and watch those areas in conjunction with pa on the es.

it helped me with my exits and entries and finding the base and tops of runs today.

I'm surprised to hear how it helped you. I've started a new topic at "Using Market Profile with the $TICK" for anybody that wants to comment on how they have been able to use Market Profile to analyze $TICK.
Hi, RDE here, new to this site, but this is the reason that brought me here.
I want the market profile for TF, and it is not in the daily published data anymore. Can it be found else where on the site?
Otherwise, what is the starting letter at the top of the market profile calculator represent? The rest is clear from the above string.
The starting letter represents the time zone. D represents the half hour bracket from 9:30am to 10am ET. E from 10am to 10:30 etc. Some letters are omitted because they are too similar to numbers and/or could cause confusion. Usually you will leave it at the default of D for TF unless you are creating a profile starting in an earlier time bracket.

No, TF is not published on this site, you need to calculate it with the calculator.
Thanks for your reply Day Trading! All clear with this.
One other question. Since the futures end trading at 16:15, and not at 16:00 like RTH, should the time bracket 4:00 to 4:30PM be included in the value are calculation? In the string above I read that you use 13 time frames, but if I were to include this last one after 4PM, it would be 14 sets of numbers.
Which is the correct way to do it, because it does give different results, and I would not want to trade based on different value areas than the rest of the market is using.
Thanks again!
Some traders ignore the last bracket but I believe that most traders include it. I think that you should include it as there is significant day trading closing out that happens in that bracket.
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