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ES 8-18-08

PH looks like it'll hold as buying support after this 2 point pullback. I'm targeting a technical double top at the run's high, a managable pullback, and then a run for 1320. The 13 period ATR is 22.79, the extreme of which at the upside from the base is 1316.79.


Look at this and see if you can spot the exact point where the bull should have ended:

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The only other long we'll see today likely will come in at S3 73.50. S2 is holding and the only thing that'll slow this falling knife are stops for more fuel to 60 over the next few sessions.

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stop at1279.00. playing with their coin.
Volume magnets playing well today...90 - 92 is now resistance....82.25 is my final as I'm not sure if these old singles are going to hold or not and an 86 retest I think is likely...looks like you folks did well today..congrats...
ugh,nice chart. cancelling order
order to sell at 1287.00
1306.00(hi) sq -.382 sq = 1278.00 / WK S1 1278.25 / POC 1278.75 / fibo mean 1278.00

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Gotta sleep, cancelling order, back tonite.
Originally posted by redsixspeed

1306.00(hi) sq -.382 sq = 1278.00 / WK S1 1278.25 / POC 1278.75 / fibo mean 1278.00

Would you mind terribly clarifying that equation? As notated it doesn't compute.
1306.00 (hi) this a.m. sq = 36.138621 -.382 x = 35.756621 x m+ = 1278
sorry :(
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