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Short 2 es from 1274.75.Good morning all,Well, here we go again!
covering 1es at 1271.stop at 1276
covering remaing at 68.75
total...+9.75 handles.Wow, that makes yesterdays late call but poor execution a distant memory!
oooh....ppi highest since 1981.well gang, how low do we go?Your thoughts are welcome.
Long 69.25 targeting 85. lol Morn', Kool...
ah my friend, i feel more confident with you back in the room.Hey , i wonder if you would mind giving me some info. What time frame do u use for your 377 moving average? It seems quite poweful.
Covered 1271.25. 2 handles up.
Mostly 10000V and 610T, Kool.

[edit] that's intraday.

The 240 minute with the 377 EMA is nothing short of amazing.
long 70.50. I wont lose more than two ticks under the trendline here. Cut off at 70 and if so looking to get short for a spell.
Ive noticed ...thx
we open in the 71 area and close in the 68.50 area...not much selling in the day session...interesting indeed....
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