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Short 2 es from 1274.75.Good morning all,Well, here we go again!
Boy, the locals are trying to break it here, but too many are getting greedy and want to push it up into the lunch hour.
I'm short 66 12 contracts. Lots of chop but the direction is steering downward owning the bull trendline. This is suspect, because were it that bulls had control, we'ld see head fake losses and retraces to the upside. This is buying panic and will pretty much spell disaster when it does break to the downside. I'm holding 66 GTC.
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Did anyone have any CME data feed problems this A.M.? I had both my systems stoped at the same time 4 or 5 times, that dosn't happen very often. ES, NQ went off but the S&P cash was still okay on both platforms. So it wasn't an ethernet problem and my CPU's are ok so I guess it was CME???

I receive a alert if we have any data feed issue; but have not received one today.
SIGH..... Oh well, i put up a good fight.BUYING AGAIN.Still up 5.75 handles on the day.
Thanks red,

no data problem here....picking at long again at 63.75
filled at 1263.25,stop at 1260.25

I'll join you if we get 62-61ish...61 is one of my fav sq 9 #s

I have been shorting all day oscallators says buy, gut says short...
countertrend so only one baby spoo.
for me that was a key number, the 64 and 5 points off that daily number...good low tick but volume was higher risk....looking to test 67.25...I
we open in the 71 area and close in the 68.50 area...not much selling in the day session...interesting indeed....