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Short 2 es from 1274.75.Good morning all,Well, here we go again!
oh man..u guys are going against me......I was hoping you would join me for the 1275.....
Honestly guys, i cant tell where the bounce will come.I have 1266, 1261 and an daily projection at1251.Since the next clusters of cycle lows isnt till mid to late Sept. it seems a little early to go straight down for the inevetiable retest or failure of the july lows. It would appear the infamous risig wedge is being violated but time will tell.In the meantime ill continue attempting small scalps lon and short but with a downside bias.
oops...cover one at 1267.75, stop on remaining one at breakeven 1269.75
hmmm...ill cover remaining short at 1267.75 if i dont hit my stop first.
breakeven stop hit
Long from 68.25. I think I may keep this one a while. Buying support is so strong at the line...
buying 1268.25
4 point stop. Big for me, but i like the action down here and have to allow for one more run.
broke even. I'll wait for the bounce.
we open in the 71 area and close in the 68.50 area...not much selling in the day session...interesting indeed....