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Short 2 es from 1274.75.Good morning all,Well, here we go again!
I like 65.50 for long. It's going to take the stops being hit to make support out of the EMAs I think. Taking my time here.
If we test it successfully we could get your 1275 level Bruce.
Probably the wiser move. Itend to get too loose after a big win,lol
Ha thats funny I am the opposite, I get tight after a big win, and I am more motivated after a loss.
Did anyone have any CME data feed problems this A.M.? I had both my systems stoped at the same time 4 or 5 times, that dosn't happen very often. ES, NQ went off but the S&P cash was still okay on both platforms. So it wasn't an ethernet problem and my CPU's are ok so I guess it was CME???
man, i have no idea which way this may break , but we are winding up for some sort of push!
SEE, down here is where i wish i would have made my stand . Then i could have gone with a 1262 stop
dam, that was close!
teeny tiny cycle low just bottomed her (1 min. chart)
Honestly, i may yet get killed but i do like the action today .
we open in the 71 area and close in the 68.50 area...not much selling in the day session...interesting indeed....
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