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ES 09-04-08

Trading a little lower from settlement atm.
Nice call pop
Originally posted by popstocks

yippy, make this the first 90% day since 6/26/08


Sure I don't mind helping fellow traders....My weekly MPs go from A to N thats a 30min TPO making 14 a day on the RTH in the ES. My weekly pivots go from the first day of the week to the laat day. With over lapping letters A-N and then A-N over lapped ect ect. ANd same for monthly starts on the first day of the month and continues till the last day. But I don't pay much attention to any other letters other than A and B on the daily and I watch it for breaks away or to Value and disregaud IB breaks that happen in Value in the middle of the monthly and IB breaks that are inside the previous days value.....If an IB breaks within value to the upside. So it really dosn't matter "to me" what the TPOs are as long as I now which are the IB for the time frames I watch....60 min for daily, first 2 days for a weekly profile, first week for a monthly. I have found the monthly chart helps me the most out of any other chart. Also I watch for double TPOs out of value or in value if we've been out of it in a while.
Originally posted by popstocks

Redspeed, when does the fed speak?
Sheesh I must need a better economic calendar! The one is ok but is there anything else out there that is free someone here can suggest?

Bruce, the only Lowry's I have read is on the 90% subject, I'm sure they have other valuable stuff but I am not subscribed, would be happy to learn more quant stuff like that though.
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