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ES 09-04-08

Trading a little lower from settlement atm.
going to join kool around 47 if it holds
biggest volume bar of the day is at current lows...I'm looking for the retrace up still for my targets
changing buy to 1248.50. I keep getting 1258.00
order cancelled ... watching
buying here 1246.25
long 4 @ 1246.25, where the heck is the volumne! that bothers me
me too...nq tested it's singles and sold off..that's a big concern for me
still basically in line with a 90% day
wont be surprised if it keeps sinking to close on lod
for the past 2 hours the net of volume at bid and volume at ask has been negative and gaining momentum.
stopped at 1244.25, trying at 1241.50 (4 es)
Originally posted by popstocks

Redspeed, when does the fed speak?
Sheesh I must need a better economic calendar! The one is ok but is there anything else out there that is free someone here can suggest?

Bruce, the only Lowry's I have read is on the 90% subject, I'm sure they have other valuable stuff but I am not subscribed, would be happy to learn more quant stuff like that though.
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