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ES 09-04-08

Trading a little lower from settlement atm.
what a bunch of Crap about the called that when we at 66.50 in the overnight...LOL...c'mon now.....I'm not gonna let you off that easy....You may remember that I covered at 67 area..from the 62 funny...

It's not rocket science if you call for a top as it will eventually come......remember that bear flag from last week you called.....? never came...
Originally posted by SPQR

I started this predicting chop that ended up being true if only for about half of the initial balance and a test of 64, hard, if you remember correctly; when you MPers were looking for a bounce at 64 for the upteenth time. It's not rocket science. And never is it an issue when I'm right, is it?

And BTW, we're trading below the monthly pivot and bulls are being held. Make that a top up there. heh

I'm not going anywhere, asshole. Piss up a rope.
hey dudes please don't swear it messes with my trading cool
I don't need bad language to prove a point...usually the other party digs their own hole as SPQR is doing....Reminds me of those old columbo episodes...anyone remember them..?
I swear to god I'ld stab you in the neck with a dull blade if you were standing next to me, you freak, you coward.

I don't need this.
you can always spot the frustrated traders by their language.....if they only concentrated their efforts on making better trades and not be so stubborn in their market direction they could help themselves......Oh well, we can't save the world and many traders are "thick"....
buying [email protected] at 1247.25. really going out on a limb here.Bruce ,i have 1 min, and 5 min. projections to 1247.25, technicals short term over sold on all time frames up to one hour so its worth a shot.(i hope). Warning, this is a risky countertrend trade.BUT i havent had a losing week for 2 months so im going to bite.
looks like we also might finally have a 90% day
projections filled? i ll short 2-4 point higher.Still buying 1247.25 however for now.
best for me so far is 52..trying to hold on for 55 - 58
Originally posted by popstocks

Redspeed, when does the fed speak?
Sheesh I must need a better economic calendar! The one is ok but is there anything else out there that is free someone here can suggest?

Bruce, the only Lowry's I have read is on the 90% subject, I'm sure they have other valuable stuff but I am not subscribed, would be happy to learn more quant stuff like that though.
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