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ES 09-04-08

Trading a little lower from settlement atm.
selling bal. 1241.25
now down 11.75.... not a good day but i guess i was due.. still looking to buy
buying 4 @ 1239-1240.50
Originally posted by SPQR

I started this predicting chop that ended up being true if only for about half of the initial balance and a test of 64, hard, if you remember correctly; when you MPers were looking for a bounce at 64 for the upteenth time. It's not rocket science. And never is it an issue when I'm right, is it?

And BTW, we're trading below the monthly pivot and bulls are being held. Make that a top up there. heh

Why are you cutting down on MP? I thought we were going back up to 91 MP showed a weak market ever since 9/02. I was just going by the bracket market we were in and some indicators and MP, MP is never wrong because its the market itself its like saying the candlestick charts are wrong. As I have stated at least three times here when the market breaks 61-64 were going to tank and I said "I know where the reverse button is" We played the 64-61 area to death 14 times since 8/18 its logical to assume that its only going to hold for so long. Why are you being so rude to Bruce? Thats not cool, but If I said anything to upset you I am sorry. I took a loss at the IB breakdown 3 points from where I got in at so whats the big deal? I caught the bounce at 1261-64 almost 12 times what are you mad at?
BUYING 2 1239.75
Order cancelled... getting late. I am going to have to eat an 11 handle loss today , but amazingly still up for the week. good luck to all and see ya tomorrow.
ps. order in to sell one at 1243.50 and hold overnite. 7 point stop.

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yippy, make this the first 90% day since 6/26/08
This may seem like an obvious thing to others but I am struggling with a couple of things....
I am having trouble understanding your weekly MP. Can you please help me understand it?
Your TPOs are 30 mins long but I still do not see you repeating them. Don't you run out of letters?
'A' would be the first 30 mins on Monday morning but what about the first 30 mins of Tuesday? Do you still designate it 'A'? I want to create my own weekly MPs and am trying to see how to do it. I would appreciate your help. Thanks.
Originally posted by popstocks

Redspeed, when does the fed speak?
Sheesh I must need a better economic calendar! The one is ok but is there anything else out there that is free someone here can suggest?

Bruce, the only Lowry's I have read is on the 90% subject, I'm sure they have other valuable stuff but I am not subscribed, would be happy to learn more quant stuff like that though.
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