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ES 09-04-08

Trading a little lower from settlement atm.
buying one more at 1253.75
Just for the record Kool....I don't ask you about your trades because they are fast and you take many more trades than me.....please keep posting them though.........Do you trade off of plus and minus 10 point increments.....? answer when you can...
Originally posted by koolblue

UGH, stopped and down 5.5 handles. buying 1257.00


When you talk about winning and losing handles, do you mean a whole point on the ES? I am trying to understand the difference between ticks and handles. As I understand it, one tick on the ES is 0.25 but a handle is 1.00. Am I reading this correctly? Thanks.
I missed that one....thanks...would like to get a long on for the 58 retest ( singles up there)but can't find a signal....
Originally posted by redsixspeed

VPOC @ 1252.25

long [email protected] 1255.37,stop at 1251.25
I'm just excited it finally broke through 1262 with some real force! looking to go long around here, short around 1260's.
Newkid, yes a handle is one full point on the es.IF i trade 2 contracts ,like now, and got out after a 2 point gain that would be a profit of 4 points(handles) total.Bruce, i believe you will yet see 1258-59, but it would be a good shorting are.
I just got done running for my life from a hurricane. It puts things in perspective. Word one from me and he's all of me like an obsessed queer. I'm not suffering that fool. Take away his market profile and he's completely in the dark. That's why he wants your descretionary methods, and particularly my take on channel work that he's now blasting. MP will deliver big occasionally but it wont most of the time.

91? Big 'ole dent huh?

Fancy that.
he's so confused he doesn't even know who he is replying to.....Joe wanted the 91......Get a keep calling a top and your bound to get it.....I got plenty of time for this your research......or else post someting we can use......your wasting time here....
trying from the 52.50..Tick and Volume diverging....not sure that it will be enough though
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Redspeed, when does the fed speak?
Sheesh I must need a better economic calendar! The one is ok but is there anything else out there that is free someone here can suggest?

Bruce, the only Lowry's I have read is on the 90% subject, I'm sure they have other valuable stuff but I am not subscribed, would be happy to learn more quant stuff like that though.