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ES 10-08-08

I cant wait to see how the talking heads explain tonites action!
Bruce - big $ got as high as a net +80k contracts on that last spike but are now +74k. Small $ is a net seller for the day, now -42k net contracts

Yes I do exits by ear, because every trade is different we are never in the same place for 2 different trades.
selling one here
short one at 1019.00, 3.5 stop.
covering here
I am going to buy this pullback...Long 1015.25, would be awesome to get an IB breakout to the upside
out 1014.50, plus 4.5... up 15.5 for the day
selling one at 1024.00
Exited at 1023.5 and short at 1023.5
Exited that trade +3, up 65.25 in the ES and 2.20 on those calls
I love Pivots...daily, weekly, monthly, I love it even better when there's a sq of nine near by.

As to your 2nd question it really doesn't matter why .146 (its phi to the 4th power) and .25 (1/4 or 2/8ths) but it all has to do with sq of nine....from each of my sq of nine numbers is sq root + or - .25 and then squared reason being that has to do with squaring a circle. All that matters is that it works.....146 used to work beautifully but now it moves that much in 2 min, so I don't use that any more once the markets calm down it will be useful once again.